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Sustainable Impact

We aim at working with NGOs that are highly impactful and have a long-term vision. We help them to reach even more people by solving their main bottlenecks. We have experienced that many NGOs struggle with their supply chain so that this has been our main focus, even though we have also helped NGOs by thinking through strategic questions and sometimes by raising funds with them. We only send goods that are scarce in order not to compete with local businesses. In case goods are available but due to inflation cannot be purchased by the population (like currently in Lebanon), we want to employ our e-Voucher system to strengthen local markets. 


We create trust in the face of instabilities by harnessing state of the art technology. We work on a system that will allow our donors to track their donations in real time from the point of donating until the final recipient. For example, in Lebanon we work with with the NGO Live Love Beirut to create a blockchain-based e-Voucher system that allows beneficiaries to access essential goods and helps participating SMEs to counteract inflationary uncertainties by supplying them with fresh dollars. We have also partnered up with Unicorn Labs to create a fully transparent supply chain from Germany to all aid projects.


We enable you to have an impact in the lives of people that need your support. In case you are a student or young professional, you can apply to volunteer with us and thereby apply your skill set to real-world development problems. If you are a company, hospital or individual that has abundant goods that can be of use in one of our projects, we will use our airlifts to send it there. And if you want your donation to have a measurable impact, we offer you a donation efficiency of 97% and maximal transparency as to how your money is being used. Finally, if you are an NGO that needs help with logistics or any other constraint that limits your project, please reach out to us.
Distribution in Erbil

To stop the spreading of the Covid-19 virus, we helped the international NGO – Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation with the shipment of 120.000 surgical face masks to Erbil, Iraq.Organi…

Thank you, David

Today we want to thank one of Aid Pioneers’ dearest friends – the filmmaker David Ben Körzdörfer, who has already accompanied us on two of our trips to Lebanon. Throughout these trips, he tirele…

1 in 10 Children cannot go to School in Lebanon

We have 1 goal: in the next 10 days, we will collect funds to send 100 children in Lebanon to school this October. We are kickstarting our Emergency Respond Fund Campaign today and count on your suppo…

7 tons arrive in Beirut

Our truck full of medical equipment finally arrived in Beirut! We worked for almost three months on this shipment. It all began when part of our team flew to Beirut in June in order to identify the ne…

Which Flanell is best for Sierra Leone?

Today the Aid Pioneers Johanna, Marcel and Martina visited the Munich Fabirc Fare. For our AP Sierra Leone we urgently need flannel for a project together with Uman Tok . If you want to know why flann…

Why Moria?

On the island of Lesvos in Greece, the refugee camp Moria holds around 4 times the amount of refugees it was designed to accommodate Sanitary Conditions are appalling: there’s a constant lack of…

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