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The most frequent question asked by our supporters is: where does the donation go?
Therefore, we as an association set ourselves the goal of offering our partners and donors the greatest possible traceability. We are currently working on various ways to display the location of our monetary donations online. Until then, we will regularly publish here the origin and areas of use of our expenditures.

Tracking Donations in Cash and In-Kind

Aid Pioneers e.V. tries to address the problem that donors often do not know where their donation in kind or money ends up in the project. If we can notify our donors when their donation is used, it gives them the motivation to be charitable again because it is certain that their donation is needed.
We work with various IT partners to track and transparently disclose both in-kind and monetary donations.

In-Kind Donations

From our donors’ collection point or warehouse through customs to the recipient, it is a long, opaque journey. We would like to be able to track this digitally for ourselves and our donors. As it works with parcel services, it requires a distinctive infrastructure, which is mostly not given in the countries of our projects. Therefore, we are working on ways to track our donations with conventional smartphones. 

We can scan a sticker that is attached to the donation box and matches the contents with the matching app. In doing so, the location of the smartphone is saved. Local data and content can then be viewed and verified internally via our program. In the future, the goal is to make this program even easier to display and accessible to our donors.

Monetary Donations

In order to be able to track a monetary donation, it is necessary to have a good insight into the project that is being supported. It is very important that we choose our partners well and that we can trust them. After a detailed analysis of the partner NGO and regular project trips, we can assess how the money has been used and inform our donors about it. Currently, this works manually but will be simplified by technology in the future.

This transparent display will allow our donors to see not only when but also where their donation has gone and in what proportions. We will be able to show in even more detail that efficiency and effectiveness are paramount at Aid Pioneers e.V.