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How We Make an Impact

Achieving the greatest possible positive impact on global society is our guiding principle. From the selection to the completion of a new project, we therefore ensure that we live up to this through various instruments.

Project Selection: The Criteria Catalogue

For example, when searching for and selecting new projects, we apply a specially developed catalogue of criteria that enables us to find the most suitable organisation for cooperation. This includes various dimensions that evaluate the form, scope and consistency of the future impact of a collaboration. Indicators include the scalability of the project, the expertise of Aid Pioneers, and the risk of undesirable side effects.

Project Strategy: The Needs Analysis

Once we have selected the most promising project option through the criteria catalogue, we start with a needs analysis. In close consultation with the selected organisation, we evaluate what is preventing the organisation from achieving the greatest possible positive impact. What are the current and future challenges it faces? Where can we as Aid Pioneers best contribute our expertise? These and many other questions will be discussed in detail, with the idea of long-term self-preservation being an integral part of the analysis. Aid Pioneers e.V. sees itself as a temporary partner, enabling organisations to increase their effectiveness – in the long term, doing so through their own efforts.

Implementation: Measuring Impact

Just as important as the sophisticated selection of the project and a needs-oriented, tailor-made solution is the measurement of our actual achieved impact. Last but not least, we rely on a dynamic approach. We adapt our support based on our impact analyses and thus take into account new requirements and changing circumstances. This is the only way we can consistently support our partners efficiently.