Our Expenses

Here you find more information on our expenses. More specifically, you can find additional details on Aid Pioneer’s:

  • Expenses

Here the expenditures we have already made are listed in Euros and displayed as a pie chart.

  • Donations in kind

Listed here are some of our largest in-kind donations.

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@aidpioneers.com.

Our Expenses

By Category

CategoryExpenses in Euro
Aid Pioneers Administration547.08
Donation Purchase 2499.57

Administration costs include notarial costs which arose in the foundation of our organization, website costs as well as costs for thank-you cards.

Of course, we are always trying to keep the costs as low as possible!

By Place of Action

Place of ActionExpenses in Euro

The general costs and the administration costs can be understood as the same

Marcel im Findus Kindersecondhand-Laden.

Here you can see Marcel who is happy to receive donations from Findus Kindersecondhand in Berlin!
Thank you Red Cross Germany for the great cooperation!

Besides the donations in the pictures, we also want to thank the following companies, institutions, and persons:

  • Sundair, who have been supporting us since our first flight to Beirut although we were not an official non-profit organization at that time. Thank you!
  • Iden, our precious partner since the very beginning. Thank you!

Of course, we are still working on this list and we will display more supporters soon!