Is there a minimum amount I have to donate?
No, there is no minimum amount for a donation.
Any amount you would like to contribute is welcome. Any amount helps.

How exactly do I donate?
There are several ways to make a donation to Aid Pioneers. You can make a donation through our crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. You can also send us an email to info@aidpioneers.com if you wish to make an individual donation.

Is there a crowdfunding target?
Yes, there is: 20,000 €

When does crowdfunding end?
The campaign starts on 01.12.2020 and ends on 31.12.2020. Until this date you are able to contribute to our campaign. If you’ve missed the last deadline, and you still wish to make an individual donation, you can contact us directly at info@aidpioneers.com. We will be very happy to get in touch with you and achieve something together.

What exactly will the donations be used for? Will I see afterwards what exactly happens with my donation?
We will make sure to inform you about what happens with your donation. At Aid Pioneers, we attach a great importance to the transparency of our donations. You can already follow our account on Instagram (@aidpioneers) if you’d like to get an idea about the process of the donations: how we collect them, how we make sure that they arrive where they are needed, and how we know that they are also being distributed to the kids living in those areas. You can directly witness the happiness experienced by the kids once they receive the donation you made possible! Thank you.

Warning, spoiler ahead: At Aid Pioneers we are currently working on a tracking system that will allow our contributors to track the status of their donations or to check for what exactly their funds are being used. It looks similar to the online tracking system of your parcel delivery. Of course it will take us some time in order to get the system ready. We will post regular updates about the topic on our website under the point transparency.

Can I only donate money or can I also donate materials for the children?
Donations in kind are also possible. If you wish to make a donation in kind, please contact our e-mail address (info@aidpioneers.com). We will need to take into consideration the size and the pickup location. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to collect donations in kind from anywhere. We operate mainly in Munich and Berlin, but we always find a solution. Let’s get in touch!

Where can I find out about the progress of the campaign?
We are very glad that you are interested in getting informed about the progress of our campaign and that you care about the well-being of others. To keep you up to date, we will regularly share our progress on social media networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) and on our website.

Who can I contact if I want to get in touch with the team?
If you would like to contact our team, you are welcome to contact us via the social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). It is also possible to send us an email directly (info@aidpioneers.com). We are happy to hear from you!

Who are the people behind the campaign?
We are a group of committed, passionate students and young professionals. We have made it our mission to especially support children living in areas of crisis. Our goal is to offer them support while they are passing through one of the most difficult times of their lives. We believe that anyone can play an important role in that mission. Please reach out to us if you’d like to be part of our team!

Will there be benefits for the donors?
Aid Pioneers is a non-profit organisation. We believe that every Euro should reach the people affected by the respective crisis. However, we are ensuring a high level of transparency in order to give something back to you as a donor and prove worthy of the trust you put in us.

Will I receive a donation receipt?
Donations via GoFundme are processed according to the platform’s payment modalities.
We do issue donations receipts for individual contributions. If you have further questions, please contact us at info@aidpioneers.com.

Can I become active without a donation?
You would like to help, but a donation is not the means of choice for you? That’s no problem, because we at Aid Pioneers have the philosophy that everyone should be able to help exactly where he or she feels most comfortable. Do you have talents in acquiring funding, organisation, video editing or else? Then do not hesitate to contact us. In any case you will receive an invitation to our teamcall, where you and our team can get to know each other. This project lives for people, by people. Your commitment is important. We are looking forward to you! Contact us today at info@aidpioneers.com.