Our Team

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Marcel Schana

The Visionary

Martina Niesyto

The Strategic

Benedikt Leidner

The Poised

Ilja Iden

The Operative

Marco Zander

The Curious

Hannah Schmidt

The Emphatic

Johann Heinken

The Ambitious

Constantin Gemmingen

The Cooperative

Rayan Korri

The Engaged

Erdem Es

The Industrious

Sophia Comes

The Creative

Chiara Koplin

The Eager

Daniel Longerich

The Resolute

Stephan Glasmacher

The Solution-Orientated

Carmen Chraim

The Multitasker

Elena Koplin

The Attentive

Nikolai Fomm

The Unstoppable

Ofelia Massango

The Dynamic

Finn Kaminsky

The Proficient

Ludmila Massango

The Energetic

Matthäus Gemmingen

Lilian Streicher

The Versatile

Julika Holdmann

Jedi Master

Constantin Canzler

Jonathan Reinke

The Enthusiastic

Maximilian Graetz

Jedi Master


Jedi Master

Ali Korri

The Achiever

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