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OUR 2022


Aid Pioneers
Be a part of it. Only with your help can we scale up our projects and have more impact in 2022.


About Aid Pioneers

Every sixth child in the world grows up in crisis regions and does not have a childhood as we know it. Hunger, poverty and severely restricted access to education are common features of childhood in crisis regions. We do not want to bear witness to these realities any longer and have chosen to find pragmatic solutions to provide relief for children and adults in crisis regions. To take our work to the next level, we need your support!

With the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020, we sent the first donations to Lebanon. By using free freight capacities of aeroplanes from Germany, we made sure that our deliveries arrived safely within just a few days after the explosion and at low to no cost. Today, this means of transport is only one pillar of Aid Pioneers’ work, but it still clearly shows our approach: As pioneers, we find quick and pragmatic (logistic) solutions to help those in crisis regions and advance development cooperation. Here we often choose to draw on context-specific expertise by cooperating with local NGOs.

Our donors’ and supporters’ trust is imperative to us. At all times, we account transparently for our donations; we generally trace our deliveries from beginning to the arrival at the end-beneficiary. Further, we place a special focus on donation efficiency: for every donated euro, more than 96 cents are spent on the relief supplies’ procurement or transport.

What have we achieved so far?

In 2021, we have shipped over 40 tonnes of medical supplies, hygiene articles and toys to our projects in Sierra Leone, Iraq, Greece and Lebanon. In our four Aid Projects, we have directly reached 31,000 people and indirectly impacted the lives of well over 500,000 people.

In Lebanon, we set up an emergency scholarship programme which enabled over 150 children to go to school when their parents would have not been able to afford education. Through a large aid shipment of hospital equipment, we could further improve the quality of medical care for thousands without health insurance in Lebanon.

Our project in Sierra Leone will ultimately improve the lives of more than 12,000 girls by providing them with menstrual hygiene items. We have procured 2 tonnes of flannel that we are currently transporting to Sierra Leone. There, our local partner employs 18 women to manufacture reusable menstrual hygiene kits, which are sold at cost to other NGOs conducting sexual health workshops and distributing the kits. Here, our impact is fourfold. We contribute to the de-stigmatisation of menstruation, we enable girls to attend school during their periods, reduce the likelihood of sexual assaul, and promote local employment. 

Within two weeks of the devastating explosion of a fuel truck in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, we delivered a tonne of essential medical supplies to the country. Here, our pragmatic approach gave us an edge and our donations arrived earlier than, for instance, those sent by the European Union. 

Right now, we are working on different projects to bring our work to the next level. 

What do we want to achieve in the future?

In cooperation with our current and future partners, we are growing to provide evermore targeted and efficient support to those in need. And whatever we do – we do it reliably by using modern technologies to create the greatest possible efficiency and transparency towards our donors. All high-value items – especially drugs and medical equipment – will be traced by blockchain-based QR codes. 

Our most exciting project in the works may be an e-voucher system which would give beneficiaries the means to acquire essential goods – such as foods or hygiene items – in local shops. And only a small donation from your side can have a significant effect on someone’s life: 

  • Your donation of 100€ sends a child in Lebanon to go to school for one year, and prevents the child from potentially being drawn into child labour. 
  • Your donation of 110€ ships 4 Euro pallets of relief goods worldwide by air freight. 
  • Your donation of 150€ procures 110 vials of Amoxicillin + Clavulanic Acid, a potentially life saving antibiotic, which is effectively unavailable in Lebanon at the moment. 

With you, we can reach the next level through our crowdfunding campaign. Only with you, we can revolutionise development cooperation as pioneers.

Scale up for the good!

Alexis Broschek, Julian Adler, Sophie Heigel, Marcel Schana, David Körzdörfer in our truck in Beirut, Lebanon