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Aid Project Sierra Leone (en)

Update of our ​​Sierra Leone Explosion Emergency Response

Two weeks and five flights later, we are ending our engagement in the ad hoc help in Sierra Leone this week. The success of this project has been tremendous, so we wanted to share a few of our achievements with you. Within two weeks, we sent almost a ton of special equipment, antibiotics and other vital tools. Always taking the Top 20 list of most urgently needed items into consideration, we managed to send 74 different and a total of 22.000 objects to Sierra Leone,… Read More »Update of our ​​Sierra Leone Explosion Emergency Response

Sierra Leone Hockey Trust – An Overview

This project was the first of Aid Pioneers e.V.’s three projects that have so far been carried out in Sierra Leone and it was initialised by partnering up with the Sierra Leone Hockey Trust, an NGO that works together with communities to provide a safe environment for sports to children and young adults. Background It all started with a conversation between two friends…One of the co-founders of the Belgian NGO Sierra Leone Hockey Trust had spoken to one of our Aid Pioneers and told them… Read More »Sierra Leone Hockey Trust – An Overview

Sierra Leone Flannel Project

Background This is the second Aid Project by AidPioneers e.V. in Sierra Leone and it focuses on providing environmentally and socially sustainable menstruation kits as this is a massive social issue in the West African country. Women’s periods are a taboo subject in Sierra Leone and therefore there is a desperate need for education about menstruation and menstrual hygiene to destigmatise the topic. Women in Sierra Leone lack hygiene standards, such as access to water, sanitation, hygiene facilities, as well as practical instructions for handling… Read More »Sierra Leone Flannel Project

Sierra Leone Explosion Emergency Response

Background On the 5th of November a massive explosion took place when a fuel tanker collided with another vehicle in Wellington, a suburb of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. The incident occurred when the tanker was entering a nearby fuel station. The explosion happened when people tried to collect the fuel, the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) said. The death toll climbed to 144 with many victims still hospitalized as doctors, nurses and volunteers are trying to save lives. However, Sierra Leone’s healthcare lacks… Read More »Sierra Leone Explosion Emergency Response

Explosion in Freetown, Sierra Leone

English version bellow Bei einer massiven Explosion am Freitag, den 5. November, verloren mehr als 100 Menschen ihr Leben als ein Benzintanker mitten in der Hauptstadt von Freetown (Sierra Leone) mit einem Lastwagen kollidierte. Durch die hohe Anzahl der Verletzten sind die Krankenhäuser mittlerweile überlastet. Es fehlt an Material, da Vorräte aufgebraucht wurden. So hat uns die Regionalverwaltung von Freetown um Hilfe gebeten. Insbesondere Erste Hilfe Material wird benötigt:1. Verbandsmaterialien, Wundauflagen, Antiseptika und Verbrennungssalben2. Antibiotika, Volumensubstitution und Zugänge3. Schmerzmedikation (nicht BTM-pflichtig)  Sollten Sie über solche… Read More »Explosion in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Which Flannel is best for Sierra Leone?

Today the Aid Pioneers Johanna, Marcel and Martina visited the Munich Fabirc Fare. For our AP Sierra Leone we urgently need flannel for a project together with Uman Tok . If you want to know why flannel is urgently needed in Sierra Leone and why we need it soon, then follow us. We will keep you updated and inform you about our Aid Project Sierra Leone.