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About Us (en)

Anniversary Report

Happy Birthday! Aid Pioneers e.V. are celebrating their 1 year anniversary! We can’t believe it ourselves but it’s already been one year since we registered AidPioneers e.V. as a non-governmental organization! We would like to take this opportunity to summarise all our achievements since the 18th of November 2020 and to thank everyone who was involved in the projects: Project workers, background administrators, partners and donors alike. Only thanks to the wonderfully harmonic cooperation between team members and partners, we can proudly present to you… Read More »Anniversary Report

How we are organised

Aid Pioneers e.V. is divided into various aid projects and cross-sectional areas. The aid projects currently include projects in Lebanon, Sierra Leone and Northern Iraq. The aid projects are flanked by the cross-sectional areas of logistics, funding, law and finance, transparency and IT, as well as marketing. The association works primarily digitally from numerous cities. The two donation warehouses are currently located in Berlin and Düsseldorf.As Aid Pioneers e.V. is characterised by flat hierarchies and flexible engagement, the association allows members to adjust their time… Read More »How we are organised

Our finances and accountability

At the beginning of the work process is the acquisition of donations. Here, the association can draw on, among other things, a successful crowdfunding campaign (€24,000) in December 2020. Aid Pioneers e.V. received additional support of €9,230 from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development for the transport of medical supplies to Lebanon. In the summer of 2021, the association organised a benefit concert in Bavaria for the first time(€9,400). Also, our education campaign raised €9,650 to bring children back to school in Lebanon.… Read More »Our finances and accountability

What Aid Pioneers e.V. stands for

Aid Pioneers aims to tackle distribution inequality by making resources that we have in abundance and cannot make us of available in crisis areas where they can change the lives of many. Since our inception, we have used flights that were not fully booked to fly donations as extra luggage and free space on cargo planes to send donations as air freight. We also transport larger volumes of donations by truck. For example, in September 2021 we brought a cone beam tomograph, a ventilator, a… Read More »What Aid Pioneers e.V. stands for