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Aid Project Ukraine

25. February 2022






Since the beginning of Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine on 24. February 2022, the Aid Pioneers team has managed to build a scalable and secure supply chain to Rivne in Ukraine. From what was once an emergency aid campaign, our vision has now grown to support Ukraine with truly necessary donations for as long as the situation demands. Thereby we focus on scaling the work of Hearts for Children of the Ukraine and sending relief goods. In the medium term, we will send not only medicines, medical equipment and food, but also materials for reconstruction. For this, we hope for an early cessation of hostilities. 


With the NGO “Heart for Children of the Ukraine” we have found a highly professional partner on the ground, who, together with the city administration of Rivne, has built up a goods centre and distribution network and sends us daily updated needs lists. All goods that can be dispensed locally are distributed further in the country by local transports – to where they are needed!

Currently, AP Ukraine’s logistics “pipeline” is designed for up to 120 tonnes of goods per day (approx. 100 Euro pallets of goods). With the help of this pipeline, we can send goods from all over Western Europe via Lublin, from where a Ukrainian logistics company handles last-mile transport and EU export to Rivne.

In addition, Aid Pioneers e.V. is a proud member of Alliance4Ukraine, an alliance of various initiatives in Germany that have joined forces to address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.