Aid Project Lebanon
Project Duration

Start of project: 6. August 2021
Status: ongoing
Progress: project scaling and funding raising. Medical flights in December 2021.


Number of aid flights: 16
Number of trucks: 1


11 tons
hygene kits, toys, clothes, hospital beds, Covid-masks, ventialtor, defibrilator, X-ray machine
120 student-scholarships

1 in 10 Children cannot go to School in Lebanon

We have 1 goal: in the next 10 days, we will collect funds to send 100 children in Lebanon to school this October. We are kickstarting our Emergency Respond Fund Campaign today and count on your suppo…

8 tons arrive in Beirut

Our truck full of medical equipment finally arrived in Beirut! We worked for almost three months on this shipment. It all began when part of our team flew to Beirut in June in order to identify the ne…