About Us

Ilja, Johann, Hannah, Marcel und Martina von rechts nach links
first shipment to Beirut with Ilja, Johann, Hannah, Marcel and Martina

Our Story

It all started with the explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020.

When Martina and Marcel saw the pictures on the news, they knew that they couldn’t just watch, they had to do something. That is why they started the Aid Project Beirut initiative with the aim of setting up an airlift to Beirut to send donations in kind.

Gradually, more and more people joined and we became Aid Pioneers e.V. We expanded our team and initiated more projects to help children in other regions.

What unites us

We want to help children. Anyone who has ever seen a child lose a toy knows that for them the whole world is falling apart; anyone who has ever given one also knows that you can give a child an entire world with just a toy.

This is what motivates all of us. The diverse set of abilities that each of us brings to the table makes us a group of young people with a wide variety of skills: from law graduates to economists, philosophers, scientists and fashion designers, Pioneers combine all of these sharp minds. Together, we aim to produce the most pragmatic logistical solutions.

We welcome anyone who wants to help. If you too want to become a Pioneer, feel free to contact us:

What makes us Aid Pioneers?

Just like pioneers we establish the logistics necessary to deliver aid supplies to areas in need. No solution is too unconventional for us and we will always find a way; in the Aid Project Beirut, Sundair allowed us to send donations as part of the passengers’ luggage to Beirut!

In a separate project, after contacting the German ministry of interior affairs, we were able to send over 300 kg of winter clothes to Greece using a chartered Athens-Hannover connection that would otherwise have returned to Athens empty.

Never be afraid to do something different and always ask for help!

We are also pioneers by playing a part in a large community of charitable associations. With our pragmatic approach, we can both tackle our own projects as well as support larger projects from other organisations needing help with logistics.

Finally, we are pioneers in creating transparency. We aim to create a method by which the journey of any donation is 100% transparent.

Mädchen mit Spielenzeug von Aid Project Beirut


We always find a way.

We started to act under the Instagram hashtag #bepragmatic. When we look for fast transport routes, the solutions we find can be unconventional. For a Pioneer there is no such thing as ‘impossible’, only ‘it doesn’t work that way’.


We prioritize transparency.

We are currently drafting a transparency concept which allows every doner to see what has happend with their donation in money or in kind. This way, everyone who donates to one of our Aid Projects will be able to see the result of their contributions.


We think big.

Having come this far already, we are enthusiastically looking for more ways to help.
Aid Pioneers are constantly on the search for new projects in crisis regions and with your help we can make a difference.