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Update of our ​​Sierra Leone Explosion Emergency Response

Officials and doctors with donations they received from us after an explosion outside a petrol station near Freetown, Sierra Leone, killed 144 people.

Two weeks and five flights later, we are ending our engagement in the ad hoc help in Sierra Leone this week. The success of this project has been tremendous, so we wanted to share a few of our achievements with you.

Within two weeks, we sent almost a ton of special equipment, antibiotics and other vital tools. Always taking the Top 20 list of most urgently needed items into consideration, we managed to send 74 different and a total of 22.000 objects to Sierra Leone, some of which are literally life-saving. A big factor here was that we worked jointly with hospitals and their head doctors, therefore we only sent goods that were needed most, always beating their expectations of how fast and accurately we could respond to their wishes. By comparison the WHO, as a major organisation, sent approximately six tons of needed goods without being as specific as we were.

In addition to that we were one of the first organisations to respond. Within one week, we already had two flights landed in Sierra Leone, two more than the EU were able to send at this time. This just shows how well organised our work has been and how fast we managed to respond to this terrible event.

Furthermore, we organised a whole skin transplantation set, containing a dermatome, a skin graft mesher and a skin carrier, of which there are only a few available in Germany but not many of them used. For the affected people in Sierra Leone, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Two eventful weeks now come to an end and we can look back with pride on what we achieved. Our impact has been huge as officials and doctors tell us of what great importance our aid has been. Many thanks to all our partners, as well as to generous donors (especially Apotheker Helfen e.V.) and logistical supporters.

We can honestly say that our work has been saving lives. All the people involved, working day and night to organise the next transport or donation, proved our high level of commitment and deserve immense respect and recognition. As Alexis, the lead of the project, said: “Those two weeks have been his most stressful yet his most fulfilling time at Aid Pioneers”.