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How we are organised

Aid Pioneers e.V. is divided into various aid projects and cross-sectional areas. The aid projects currently include projects in Lebanon, Sierra Leone and Northern Iraq. The aid projects are flanked by the cross-sectional areas of logistics, funding, law and finance, transparency and IT, as well as marketing. The association works primarily digitally from numerous cities. The two donation warehouses are currently located in Berlin and Düsseldorf.
As Aid Pioneers e.V. is characterised by flat hierarchies and flexible engagement, the association allows members to adjust their time commitment according to their study or work situation. Individual members who work in the above-mentioned areas spend 2-3 hours a week. Members in coordinating positions, on the other hand, spend up to 30 hours per week. It should be noted that every Aid Pioneer, without exception, is pursuing a degree or a profession. Thanks to the given secondary occupations, numerous fields of study are covered, especially the following: law, political science, philosophy, business administration and economics, as well as natural sciences and engineering.
For the efficient transport of donations, Aid Pioneers e.V. can rely on an extensive network of Qatar Airways Cargo, Sundair and Brussels Airlines. The airlines transport the donations free of charge as extra luggage on flights that are not fully booked to three continents by now. In the case of bulky or hazardous goods, such as medical equipment or disinfectants, the association commissions shipping companies by land. For the collection and delivery of donations within Germany, Miles GmbH DE offers us to use their cars for free. 
A network of local NGOs and partners of Aid Pioneers facilitates the planning of distribution on site. In Lebanon, for example, the association reaches thousands of families of different population groups across religious and cultural boundaries through the partner NGOs “Kafe be Kafak” and “We Do Association”. In this way, local circumstances can be better understood and evaluated for future transports. In northern Iraq, the European Technology and Training Centre has been supporting the association locally since May 2020 by providing the necessary documents and distribution. As Aid Pioneers can only send members to the field on a selective basis, it is essential to maximise donation efficiency through the expertise of local partners.