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Blockchain Legal Expert


  • We are currently developing an e-Voucher system in Lebanon which will give beneficiaries access to food and medicine. It also allows participating SMEs to plan in spite of Lebanon’s inflation.
  • The system is already in a pilot phase, yet the transaction data is currently stored on an SQL database. We want to upgrade it onto a blockchain to increase its transparency and then approach institutional donors
  • In the long-term we are planning to set up a similar project in all the regions in which we already operate
  • Due to the nature of the Blockchain technology and uncertainties in regards to the Lebanese regulations, there are a number of legal questions that we need to answer before the system can be implemented


  • You’ll join the legal team that helps us to understand the different pitfalls and regulations primarily in Germany, but potentially also in Lebanon.
  • We are currently working on a pro bono mandate with an established German law firm. You’d join all relevant calls as well as all the internal calls


  • EITHER you have a general expertise on the legal questions behind the Blockchain technology – be it  through your degree or through professional experience and are willing to 
  • OR you have successfully passed your 1st German state exam (or equivalent)
  • You have ca. 3-5 hours per week (flexible) available
  • You are a team player
  • You are available as soon as possible


  • Ownership and agency: You will be part of a team that collaboratively works on the e-Voucher system with (almost) no hierarchies and allows you to put your ideas directly into action
  • Impact: This project will allow you to leverage your skills and have measurable impact in the lives of many people in Lebanon and beyond
  • Flexibility: While sometimes there will be calls with external partners where we cannot change the date, you will be able to freely choose when you work and always collectively decide on the timing for our internal calls
  • Exposure to an innovative project and direct contact to companies operating in the legal and blockchain industries
  • This is not a normal job – we are all doing this in our free time and at the end of the day, our work has to be both fun and rewarding. You’ll always be free to choose which tasks and teams you want to work on 

Further Questions?Feel free to reach out to He’s happy to have an informal call with you anytime or send you more infos on the project.