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8 tons arrive in Beirut

Truck with medical equipment Beirut - Aid Pioneers
Our volunteers watch with excitement and joy as the truck drives into Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon.

Our truck full of medical equipment finally arrived in Beirut! We worked for almost three months on this shipment. It all began when part of our team flew to Beirut in June in order to identify the needs of the public Rafic Hariri University Hospital. Due to a massive devaluation of the local currency, the hospital, as well as the Lebanese health system as a whole, has a hard time importing medical goods from abroad.

Daily challenges such as medical personnel leaving the country exacerbate the situation and standards of treatment. Also, due to the ongoing political and economic crises, 50% of the Lebanese population dropped underneath the poverty line. To make matters worse, more than 70% of the hospital beds available in Lebanon are exclusively in private institutions. Therefore, by donating to the public Rafic Hariri University Hospital, we want to ensure that in the future, especially the poorer part of the population in the current crisis in Lebanon will have better access to basic medical care.

The preparation of this transport took months in order to procure, store and coordinate all donations nationwide such that they could be loaded by a team of 15 volunteers on the truck in Munich on August 20th. Additionally, we successfully applied for funding so that 90% of the transportation cost was borne by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development through Engagement Global. In Beirut, our members Julian, Marcel, Alexis and Sophie helped to unload the truck. In total we shipped:

  • 1 Cone Beam Tomograph
  • 1 ventilator
  • 39 electrical hospital beds
  • 1 defibrillator
  • 29.000 Covid medical face masks
  • 27 nightstands
  • 3 treatment beds
  • 40 mattresses
  • 18 boxes of bedding

We want to thank all our involved members and partners that supported us with this shipment. Most importantly, we want to thank Engagement Global and all generous donors of in-kind donations and all donors of our crowdfunding campaign who made this shipment possible: Helios Kliniken GmbHThe Nunatak Group and KOPFCENTRUM.