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1 in 10 Children cannot go to School in Lebanon

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We believe education is a child’s fundamental right. That is why we made it part of our mission to enable as many children as possible the opportunity to go to school.

We have 1 goal: in the next 10 days, we will collect funds to send 100 children in Lebanon to school this October. We are kickstarting our Emergency Respond Fund Campaign today and count on your support to fill Lebanon’s schools this semester.

Video to our project: on youtube

Why are we taking action? 

As a result of the economic crisis, too many children have dropped out of school within the last two years. Our partner @KafeBeKafak in this short-term fundraising campaign brought the issue to us, and we decided to take action NOW. Lebanon’s school year is about to start, and tuition fees for public schools have to be paid at the beginning of the school year. 

What will happen?

 Because we have to be as quick as ever, this campaign will solely focus on raising funds for children’s tuition fees. Our partner, Kafe Be Kafak, is currently conducting interviews to identify those families most in need. In 10 days, @KafeBeKafak will pay as many children’s school fees as possible – they will pay these fees directly to the schools. We are also planning to arrange distributions of stationaries. But it doesn’t end there. Once those 100 or more kids are in school, we will focus on conceptualising a long-term project with the goal to bring more children back to school and equip them with everything they need to learn and grow. 

How can you help us?

Most urgently, we need funds. A year’s tuition in a public school in Beirut costs around 50 euros. Across Lebanon, school fees may vary. If you can, please help us by transferring any amount to our donation account below. Of course, you will receive a donation receipt (Spendenbescheinigung).

Bank: Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE81 8306 5408 0004 2821 08
Reference: "Einschulung Lebanon"

Secondly – please spread the word! If you want to support us, share our post and tell your network about this initiative! Thirdly, follow us, so that we can keep you informed about this project in the upcoming days and weeks!  Let’s take this on together – 100 children in 10 days.